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Indian Cooking | Panner Matar Masala with Paratha

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Publisher : Nidhi S

Course Language : English

Welcome to Indian cooking classes. In this course you will learn how to make authentic and delicious north Indian meal including Panner Matar Curry and Paratha. You will also get complimentary recipe of Aalu Bhajji snack,

Have you ever been to an Indian restaurant and just loved the taste of Panner Matar Curry with Paratha? Ever wondered how to cook such tasty and yummy food at home, which is as tasty as prepared by a professional chef at restaurant or chat wala on the street?  Would you like to surprise your guests at home with brand new food dishes? Then this is course is custom made for you.

The course covers complete recipe, secret ingredients and spices, preparation steps and tips to make tasty restaurant Indian food at home.

Anybody can replicate these Indian cooking recipes easily. You can cook these dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen.

All ingredients, cookware and other required kitchen tools can be found in nearest Indian stores.