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Learning Russian cuisine with recipes from Chef Viktor!

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Publisher : Roman Yudin - Viktor Maltsev

Course Language : English

Want to learn delicious and easy recipes? Want to impress your friends and loved ones? Surprise dishes that will surely meet rarely to cook these dishes will be simple, easy and fun, and you can even arrange with guests a fun evening of cooking Russian dishes, and then dine together. 

Then, when you cook basic meals it will be possible to move on to more complex dishes, and most importantly you will be ready for it.

The course covers some of the most basic and famous dishes of Russian cuisine. Knowing these dishes you will arrange a dinner in a Russian restaurant, but arrange it yourself, like some cool chef. 

Working together we can easily make your breakfast, lunch or dinner is excellent. 

The course is designed for any person with any skill in cooking. Even a child will be interested to participate in cooking.

What did you learn from the course and what skills will receive:
- The ability to cook Russian dishes
- Will get acquainted with the history of Russian cuisine
- Get easy recipes "pancakes", "borsch", "pork" Russian meat salad "Mimosa" and Russian drink "Mors"
-Get the secrets of getting unforgettable taste.

What are the requirements?
- Desire to learn and passion
Starting bit of kitchen knowledge and skills
Desire to make an unusual breakfast, lunch or dinner
- A simple and easy list of ingredients 
- Basic set of kitchen items that is on any kitchen

What will I take from the course?
55 min video lectures and more hours of content
Learn a few recipes of pancakes
An easy way to cook borsch
 How easy to prepare a hot meat dish called "pork"
 How easy to cook simple and tasty salad called "Mimosa"
 Learn a bit of history of Russian dishes 
 Easily and accurately understand that to prepare the meals described in the course do not need complicated kitchen appliances
 Understand what may be composed of Royal dinner

Target audience
- People who want to cook, learn new things, ranging from people with almost no skills in the kitchen to experienced cooks
- From the teenager to the pensioner