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Rock Painting for Beginners

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Publisher : Rick Cheadle

Course Language : English

Rock Painting 101. 

All tools and step by step instructions provided, Including:

Where to find rocks

What Kind of Rocks to paint on

How to prepare your rocks

Basic Start Up Supplies List

Step by Step Project Tutorials

How To Protect Your Finished Rock

Stone carvings (Petroglyphs) and Rock paintings (Pictographs) date back tens of thousands of years. Though the tools and methods have changed, the desire to communicate through art remains and is as strong as ever. This course covers the basics and my "out of the box" techniques that I use to create unique stone art in my Home Decor and Design businesses.  

* Please Note! If you like a lot of talking, this course may not be for you. When I create art I get in a trance-like state and talking interrupts my flow. I do some voiceover introductions and descriptions here and there but this course is heavy on visual content. I do a lot of pop-ups on the screen that are full of helpful information and descriptions and I supply you with written resources as well. Also note, I will use the terms "stone" and "rock" interchangeably throughout this course. Also, I like to do things a little different than what is already out there, so I will NOT be doing any mandala designs. There are many great rock artists that have mastered that type of stone art. Here is a list of my favorites: Elspeth McLean, Maria Trujillo, Natasha Alexander, and F Sehnaz Bac.