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Publisher : 石崎力也 (RIKIYA ISHIZAKI) - 野田 泰弘

Course Language : Japanese

This course explains what kind of method and procedure you should approach publishers for those who want to publish books. It is based on regular commercial publication, not self-published publication, in which the author publishes money and publishes it.

■ Recommended for this course

· Person who wants to make his experience, know-how, etc. a book
Those who have original knowledge and know-how through experience of past work and hobbies / special skills, and want to make it a book. For example, an English teacher who wants to have his own English study method as a book. Business people and retired generation that want to make books know-how dedicated to many years of business experience. Housewife people who want to make it books because they know how to clean up ... and so on. As genres, we mainly assume business books, practical books, language books, know-how books, etc.

· Sending a plan to a publisher, but who can not readily publish · Sending a
proposal, sending a manuscript, participating in a publication seminar, etc., I have made various efforts, but it is quite easy to publish People who do not do. Even if you have a good plan, commercial publication will not be realized unless its charm is conveyed to the publisher. This course explains how to write a proposal that is easy to be adopted by publishers.

· How is publishing school, publication seminar, publishing consulting actually? Although there
are various services that support those who want to publish a book called people who would like to know what they actually do, who is wondering whether to use it. Some expensive services such as fraudulent margin are also available, so we will touch on the real situation around that.

· People who want to
publish books to lead to brand power / attractiveness · One who wants to further accelerate business triggered by commercial publication. In terms of branding and attracting customers, publishing is very effective. By publishing a book, you will be recognized as an expert on that street and you can get reliability and authority.

■ What you can learn in this course

· Benefits of commercial publication,
there are many advantages to bring down demerit books. On the other hand, there are few disadvantages by issuing books. Just because there are difficulties in the process of publication, I will explain about it.

· Rough flow until
publication We will talk about the rough flow from the creation of the publication proposal to the release of the book.

· Behind the commercial publication It
is a bit exaggerated to say the back side, but as a person engaged in publication, we will answer questions frequently asked.

· Three ways
to realize commercial publication There are roughly three ways to realize commercial publication. I will tell each procedure.

· Actual condition of
publication production What kind of service is publishing publishing? I will tell you about that situation.

How to make use of publishing support service There are various publishing support services, but I will explain what kind of service you are worth using and what kind of view you should choose.

· How to write a proposal to be adopted by a
publisher We will tell you about items to write in the planning proposal and points for passing through the project.

· Bad
projects, examples of good projects We will give examples of bad projects and good projects for each item.

Besides, it is packed with useful information for those who want to publish books.
For details, refer to the items of each lecture.