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Kamal's Startup Academy

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Publisher : Andrew Magdy Kamal

Course Language : English

Andrew has built technology for numerous startups in the past and founded or co-founded startups such as: The Stark Drones Corporation, Lonero, WeCrypto, Blockstar Labs, The Intellectualism Party, Gamelectual Studios, and many others. He currently owns a digital studio known as DigitalCPR and taught over 50k students on Udemy through his e-learning provider. His research provided insights to the fields of Quantum Similarity, Quantum Computing, Condensed Energy, Alternative Power-up Methods, Aeronautical Engineering, Algorithmic Sequencing, Game Theory, and Computational Genomics. He also competed in a variety of competitions including various XPrize competitions, HeroX challenges, and open innovation grants. He is an alumni of Y Combinator's Startup School and has a business coaching certification among many business and technical certifications. Just some of the inventions that he has contributed to include: The Hydrofuel Solar Car, Decentralized Wireless Balloons w/ Telemetry Systems and P2P Integrations, his own Qubit Based Processor design, among others. He is a Copt. Currently, he is here to provide insights on founding a startup and bootstrapping your way to have an organized business structure. Sign up to learn more from this multi-talented polymath.