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How to Grow Your Web Brand and Community Organically

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Publisher : Manuel Amunategui

Course Language : English

In this class, I lay out my methodology for website management to attract and grow traffic. These are the steps and lessons I have learned from running my data science website amunategui .github .io and building my brand over the past 5 years.

My sites and videos do not get “Gangnam Style” or “Drake” traffic numbers, as those are one in a million and so are the odds of getting there (and then there’s my singing…). Instead, the site gets up to 10k sessions a month from a growing and dedicated niche group of data science students and enthusiasts. The site has about 100 articles with accompanying YouTube tutorials all with a specific focus on applied data science. But I have been growing organic traffic on the site practically from day one, and this is something you can aspire to as well.

If your content is good, novel, and visible, they will come. Let me show you how I did it.