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Sports Communications and Public Relations

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Publisher : SPORiT.MatchPoint Lab

Course Language : English

Either you aim to enter the sports industry or work in the field of media and communication, you need to be an excellent storyteller. Because you have to build your personal brand no matter what goals you want to achieve.

However, fully using the resources at hand to deliver a truly creative story while conveying the critical messages precisely and professionally, takes practice and insight in communication and public relations, especially when it comes to sports industry.

Meanwhile, the optimization of communication channels has enabled us to to acquire information and share ideas more conveniently. To work in such a fast-paced business world, it is one of the basic criterias for you to identify the information you want to express to your audience, ensure it is clear and accurate, then reframe it into the right form.

This course will give you an introduction of the history and importance of communication, tell you how to frame messages in sports, share you with some examples of crisis management, show you what is community relations in sports and provide you with valuable career advice to enter the sports industry.