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First Steps in Webinar Marketing

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Publisher : iMarketer School LONDON

Price : $34

Course Language : English

In 2016, webinars became the most powerful marketing channel, surpassing blogs, ecourses and even ebooks.

So, are you preparing to host a webinar or webcast?

We've set the complete webinar marketing guide for you. This webinar marketing strategy guide will take you through a three-step process you can follow to grow your business with webinars. Why? Because...


  • A successful web event can help strengthen your company’s brand awareness
  • Increase exposure in the market, and generate qualified sales leads. If done right...
  • It can elevate an organization’s credibility and reinforce its position as an industry thought leader.


However, running a high-profile webinar can be intimidating and challenging.

Learn how to host and promote a successful webinar. Start Learning Now!