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Bitcoin Trading Strategy

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Publisher : Best Bitcoin

Course Language : English

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Trading: this is probably the simplest and best trading course on bitcoin. It is also a free bitcoin trading course. This curriculum contains one practical exercise, which will help you put all the knowledge you’ve learned into practice to start trading.

More About The Cryptocurrency Trading Course

After this course you’ll be comfortable with cryptocurrency trading on a practical level. There is a step-by-step manual and to-the point educational videos. The aim is to keep it short and give you the essentials. This course is best fitted for those that prefer learning by doing, as you’ll witness live trades, and then get to open your own trades confidently by the end of this course. 

Why Now is the Best Time to Start Trading Cryptocurrencies?

1) Cryptocurrencies are in an exponential growth. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, just to name a few are probably tomorrow's USD, EUR and JPY. The market cap is over 100 Billion and growing. Bitcoin's volatility is extremely high, giving you a chance for more trading opportunities than any other asset class. 

2) Cryptocurrencies are a free market in which everyone can participate. This is a 24/7 market that gives you opportunities non-stop at all times. 

3) The cryptocurrency market is still not so widespread by algo-traders. This is giving a tremendous advantage to retail traders who want to profit from the market volatility. 

The Simplest, Shortest and Most Practical Bitcoin Course on Udemy!

Our goal of creating this bitcoin course was to make it accessible to all levels of bitcoin traders. Even if you have never heard of cryptocurrencies- bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, monero- our course will guide you through the technical aspects of trading. Our simple bitcoin trading strategy will be interesting enough for even the most sophisticated of traders. Our goal is to share our knowledge and make you a better bitcoin trader.