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Beginner DJ for Pioneer XDJ-RX, XDJ-RX2, XDJ-RR

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Publisher : Gustav .

Course Language : English

The course is divided into two parts.

  1. The first one explains some basic mixing techniques and many basic functionalities of the Pioneer XDJ-RX, XDJ-RX2, XDJ-RR model.

  2. A showcase of what you can learn further in my next course!

In any case, the course is so structured that you can learn everything you need to know about the gear + more.
But if you want to go deeper and learn many advanced mixing techniques and many others tips and tricks, the Advanced DJ Course is what you need to take your DJ skill to the next level.

What will you learn?
Together, we will understand:

  • Introduction to your gear (Pioneer XDJ-RX, XDJ-RX2, XDJ-RR)

  • Headphones and their function

  • Features of the "Deck"

  • Features of the "Mixer"

  • EQ & what does it mean

  • Color FX & what they're used for

  • Beat FX & what they're used for

  • Cues & Hot Cues

  • Basics of Sync

  • BONUS VIDEO (Advanced Course Tutorial)


About Me:

I go by the name of "Gustav". I run a successful YouTube channel on DJing tutorials and everything in the EDM world! I have played at many clubs and festivals and have gotten the privilege to be mentored and taken on tour by many big name DJ's in the industry that have shared their expertise and knowledge in DJing and in the music industry! I teach all that in the second part of the course and on my channel! Just type in "Gustav" on YouTube and I should pop up!!! :)

Thanks to the big text annotations and big zooms, you can also follow the course even from a mobile device with small display, like your phone or tablet, wherever you are! 

This course has an overhead view, making sure you are just paying attention to whats happening on the mixer! No need for seeing anybody explain anything to you, this is all focused on the gear! 



***Because you took this step in enrolling in the course, I give you an incredible offer at the end for the next part of the course where I give you advanced mixing techniques, cool transition ideas and so much more! ***