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Guitar - Beginning to Improvise

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Publisher : Dave Ward

Course Language : English

This course looks at the basics building blocks of improvisation for guitar. We will use a 12 bar blues in the key of A as the foundation for the lead guitar in this course. The course will be taught on electric guitar but the principles work for acoustic guitar as well. The course is centered around improvising over an audio backing track provided for students. Course content is video and audio. Students with a basic knowledge of Pentatonic Scales should be able to work through the exercises with some improvement in a few weeks. Beginners may take 2-4 weeks before they are familiar with the Pentatonic scales before they begin to advance to a meaningful application of the exercises. Any guitarist who has wanted to try improvisation but was reluctant to try should benefit from this course. The course begins with background information on the 12 bar blues progression and scale patterns on the guitar. The bulk of the course comprises on hands on practical exercises that will improve and encourage your improvisation and creativity on the guitar.