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Introduction to Hanon Finger Exercises for Piano

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Publisher : Mister Musicarta

Course Language : English

The Hanon finger exercises have been a regular feature of learning the piano for more than a century, but the many printed versions look intimidating and don't offer much guidance.   

This slimmed-down set (just the first five) is now the taster for the new complete Musicarta Hanon now available here on Udemy, and which you can buy at the introductory discount price of $10.99 using discount code MUSICARTAHANON_UCAN2.

All thirty Hanon exercises demonstrated on the virtual keyboard, with video demonstrations of how the patterns move - you're sure to 'get it'. Plus ten sets of variations to stretch your imagination, flex your creative muscles and keep your practicing interesting and challenging!

Watch the promo video on this page for a full overview of the course content.

This 3.5-hour video Hanon will provide stimulating, useful daily technical exercises for years to come. And when practicing is fun, anything's possible!

Yours in harmony

Mister Musicarta