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How to play the Soprano Recorder

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Publisher : Micah Blake

Course Length : 40 mins

Course Language : English


      A recorder is such a magical instrument. It is so simple but can produce some amazing and relaxing sounds. It is simple in design and simple in its fingering. If you have ever thought of learning any woodwind instrument like flute, oboe, saxophone, or clarinet, then learning the recorder first may give you a huge head start when you learn these slightly harder instruments. Recorders are inexpensive and small you can bring it anywhere and not be worried about it breaking or getting stolen.

     In this course we are going to go over the basics of:

  • Holding your recorder

  • Playing notes

  • Breathing

  • Music fundamentals (basic)

      Just right in and start learning how to play this wonderful instrument.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in learning the recorder or beginning on a woodwind instrument
  • People interested in learning a first instrument or an easy second instrument