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VIOLIN: how to choose one, gear it up, care and maintenance

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Publisher : Lucy Garrote

Course Language : English

How to know if a violin is of good quality or not? How to know if the price for a certain instrument is fair? What accesories do I need? Is a shoulder rest necessary? What is rosin for?

Those are all valid, and very frequent questions begginers have. It’s a bit of a dilemma to have to choose an instrument and its gear without yet knowing what it is about, which are its parts and their purposes, its characteristics, problems and proper care. On countless ocassions my students have chosen poorly, or have rushed into the purchase. So here comes this short course, to asist and advise on that first choice, to introduce you to the violin, its parts and functioning, and also to its accesories: what each one is for, what types you find available, and their necessity at the time of learning to play.

Besides, you’ll find step-by-step guides for tuning and maintenance, and all the tips and advice for the daily care of the violin and bow, with downloadable written material for your reference.

Note: instructor speaks in spanish, but you'll find all captions available in english!