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6 Pillars of Entrepreneur Success with John Spencer Ellis

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Publisher : John Spencer Ellis

Course Language : English

Start NOW and create ULTIMATE Entrepreneurial Success.

This is not some quick “fluffy talk” or a long sales pitch. These lessons form a comprehensive training that will forever and dramatically enhance all areas of your business and life.  

This guide breaks down the six pillars--Platform, Tribe, Products, Ascension, Retention, and Investments-- that contribute to your success as an entrepreneur and business owner. Whether your work takes place entirely online or in a storefront, these lectures will offer insight and guidance on how to drastically improve or refresh all aspects of your approach.

  • Have you optimized your platform? Are your business and products positioned correctly in the marketplace?

  • Are you utilizing your peers and building an engaged tribe via your smart business relationships and maximized use of technology?

  • Are you offering engaging and popular content that keeps your customers and clients wanting to see more?

  • Are you doing your research and having your products and services tested by not only your target audience, but by a diverse target audience that is made up of different genders, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and education levels?

  • How much of your attention have you given your marketing strategy? Have you won the hearts and minds of your ideal customer?

  • Are the investments you have made truly beneficial to your bottom line? Are they smart and varied investments?

You will see how the 6 pillars of entrepreneur success work together and on their own to support your "house of Success." Remember, if just one area is lacking (if your foundation is the slightest bit off kilter or uneven) your whole house can come crumbling down.

You and I both do not want to see that happen. So with these free course offerings, I will walk you through my breakdown of these 6 pillars as well as the building blocks of each, and together we can figure out a way to tackle your business struggles. In the end, you will have the tools to see what areas need help and will start making the decisions that will lead to your growth and increased success as a business owner and entrepreneur.