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6 Pillars of Ultimate Success with John Spencer Ellis

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Publisher : John Spencer Ellis

Course Language : English

Start NOW and create ULTIMATE Personal Success.

This is not some quick “fluffy talk” or a long sales pitch. These lessons form a comprehensive training that will forever and dramatically enhance all areas of your life. You will be able to start living fully.

This guide breaks down the six pillars--Health, Business, Wealth, Relationships, Lifestyle, and Flow-- that contribute to your personal success, happiness and achievement. Whoever you are, wherever you work, whoever your family is, however wealthy or educated you might be, these lectures will offer insight and guidance on how to drastically refresh your approach to happiness and fulfillment..

  • You will see how optimizing your sleep, nutrition, fitness and mental health and stamina is integral to the foundation of your success.

  • Are your business processes functioning and healthy? Are you maximizing your platform, your people, and your products and services?

  • Are you being smart with your wealth? Have you made the steps to save, invest, and leverage your money in a way that will guarantee your comfort for years to come?

  • Have you focused enough on building your personal relationships? Who is in your corner? You will understand the need to build and nurture a strong team and loving family of supporters.

  • What lifestyle do you have now? What does your lifestyle look like 5 years from now and how will you get there?

  • Are you taking the time each day to practice positive rituals, to meditate, to express gratitude when appropriate, and to  optimize your productivity?

You will see how the 6 pillars of ULTIMATE success work together and on their own to support your "house of Success." Remember, if just one area is lacking (if your foundation is the slightest bit off kilter or uneven) your whole house can come crumbling down.

You and I both do not want to see that happen. So with these free course offerings, I will walk you through my breakdown of these 6 pillars as well as the building blocks of each, and together we can figure out a way to tackle and address the areas you are struggling to balance. In the end, you will have the tools to see what areas need help and will start making the decisions that will lead to your growth and increased success.