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8 Romantic Relationship Lessons

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Publisher : Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

Course Language : English

No matter which stage you are at in your romantic relationship, there is something to learn. Find out from our expert relationship coaches, Angela Tan and Loo Mei Yee, their advice and tips on how to make your relationship better and navigate successfully around the pitfalls.

Learn about:

1. What to ask during your first date

2. How to make a boring date interesting

3. The signs that tell you that you are in a relationship

4. How to make a relationship official

5. How to overcome challenges together

6. How to spice things up in a relationship

... And if all else fails, when do you know that it's time for a relationship to end?

About Your Relationship Expert #1: Angela Tan

Professional Certified Coach, ICF | Masters of Medicine (FM) | European Society of Sexual Medicine Member

Angela is an intimacy coach working with both individuals and couples in the domain of intimacy and relationships. As a trained and practicing medical doctor for the last decade, Angela offers insights based on core knowledge which provides certainty in her coaching. Over the years, her nurturing and endearing personality has allowed her clients to see and achieve more than what they thought was possible, thereby creating successes in their personal lives and the relationships around them.

About Your Relationship Expert #2: Loo Mei Yee

Professional Certified Coach, ICF | Head of TruSelfDivision

Mei Yee, an established life coach in relationship development and training, the TruSelf™ Division at Live Your Mark. Warm, understanding, firm and extremely supportive in her clients’ growth, Mei Yee empowers her clients in achieving their dreams and goals with unwavering determination in career advancement, health and vitality improvement, and emotional mastery.