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A taster module of Aromatherapy and Essential oils

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Publisher : Deborah Casey

Course Language : English

Hello and welcome to Calm Oasis holistic therapy short taster module in aromatherapy and essential oils, natural holistic therapy for beginners, a home study, self-directed learning course. 

This is a very basic start to learning Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is an amazing healing system that uses natural, organic products to aid health and well-being.  And though this modality does not replace contemporary medical approaches Aromatherapy certainly can compliment conventional care.

Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy have developed this "Taster Module in Aromatherapy and Essential oils course" as a starting position to enable you to being your progression into a wonderful profession.  Being a professional Aromatherapist is a real honour and Deborah, your course instructor, facilitates your start in your journey...

This multimedia, distance learning course is a great starting point for the potential and budding Aromatherapist. However, it is also suitable for students with an interest in aromatherapy or those who work in beauty therapy and want to begin to learn and expand their knowledge of aromatherapy with a view to taking professional level study and provide clients Aromatherapy as part of their treatment menu.

  1. You will learn what aromatherapy is and what essential oils are. 

  2. You will learn how the name "aromatherapy" came about. 

  3. You will learn safety matters around essential oils

  4. You will learn about one carrier oil and some essential oils

  5. You will learn how to blend and mix to create a massage blend

  6. You will learn how to provide aromatic massage using your blends of essential oils. 

  7. You will test your learning with some easy quizzes along the way

  8. You will be ready to take the next steps in learning Aromatherapy.

This course provides a certificate of completion and allows students to move up to the next level of training in Aromatherapy as they move towards becoming a professionally qualified Aromatherapist.

Learners do not require any prior qualifications to enrol on this home study course. But computer and English skills are essential, as too the motivation and interest to learn and complete the integrated activities.

No prior experience necessary

As the course is free you have lifetime access so there is no 30 day money back guarantee

This course does not mean you are able to practice aromatherapy professionally

A Udemy certificate of completion

***Essential oils are highly concentrated and very powerful. Great care is needed to make sure that we use them responsibly.  These are potent gifts of mother earth and learning how to use them safely is a great step into responsible use.  The Course Content does not quality you as an Aromatherapist, it is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  It is your responsibility to always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.***