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ACTION™ Masterclass: How To Become Hollywood's #1 Must-Hire

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Publisher : Derek Taylor

Course Language : English

ACTION™ Masterclass was born through observing over 1,000 production assistants on set in Los Angeles — followed by an obsession to boil down exactly WHY losers lose and winners win. The results were shockingly cut-and-dry…

The winners with explosive success followed a predictable pattern.

After working for Universal, Warner Bros, Sony, Disney and many others, I put everything I learned about this pattern into a simple formula... the "cheat sheet" with my 10,000+ hours of experience condensed into 3 hours of powerful insider shortcuts, tips & tricks to help you get your foot in the door.

This masterclass is the proven formula that gives aspiring filmmakers immediate traction — blending strategic psychology with practical, battle-tested industry secrets — allowing you to build momentum and get hired on major studio blockbusters.