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Ancient Voices, Sacred Stories: Introduction to the Bible

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Publisher : Joanne Hagemeyer - Anita Gutschick

Course Language : English

Our Vision

Reveal the timeless truths unfolding from the Bible’s pages.

Our Aim

Through a unique blend of Bible study, performance, Biblical scholarship, discussion and personal reflection, we aim to present relevant historical background, provide understanding, offer emotional connection, and encouragement to live out the timeless truths of scripture.

Our Approach

We've designed each character study to begin with historical background for the character, then a basic Bible study for you to do, so you can see for yourself what the text actually says. 

Then we'll show you an artistic concept--a performance--of that character, along with life application questions.

The final piece is a lecture, wrapping up the study, and offering some thoughts on how to live out the wisdom you've gained. 

Each segment of the study includes a 10 to 20 minute video, with a written character study sheet, and a written Bible study sheet, which you can spend as much, or as little, time on as you would like.

Our Hope 

This study is designed for those new to the Bible, and for those who would like a more experiential approach to Bible study.