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Anger Management: Understand and heal the deeper roots!

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Publisher : Bertold Ulsamer

Course Length : 2 hours

Course Language : English


This is a course for people who tried many methods and techniques to control their anger but failed. This course teaches you how to set yourself free.

If you fight with anger then strong roots of this emotion grow in the past. Because you are not aware of the origin the anger strongly influences your presence. Discover the reasons for your anger. Then this negative feeling loses the grip over you.

This course has its origin in in 40 years of working with people (and dealing with my own hidden anger) It will help you to show your power in a more relaxed way.

Who this course is for:
  • People who tried many things and failed to handle their anger
  • People who feel tortured by their anger and rage
  • People who do not understand why they are so angry