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Dating Mastery 2 DEMO: First & Follow-up Dates like a PRO

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Publisher : Adelka Skotak

Course Language : English

DEMO VERSION FOR FREE - What does DEMO version includes?

  • Section 1 Introduction
  • Section 2 Self-Approach and Friend-Zone Escape
  • Section 3 Introducing our Girls
  • Section 4 How to Ask on the date + Scenarios
  • Section 5 How to Prepare
  • Section 13 Conclusion

Over 30 women participated in the construction of this course. 

Over 30 women undergone an hour long deep interview regarding Dating.

We gathered hours of audio and video data and constructed this amazing course just for you!

Learn from REAL WOMEN how to make us Melt for you.

This is the DEMO VERSION of Dating Mastery 2: First & Follow-up dates like a PRO. 

Have a Taste for FREE! 


The Perception of you so you are in the best state of mind when asking her on the date then of course asking on the date itself, how to prepare on the date, how to behave so the woman falls in love with you! Also what to say - not only topics but what EXACTLY to say. How to talk about yourself in an interesting way, how to catch on the hooks in the conversation how to raise your status in her eyes. How to beat initial nervosity and how to BEAT AWKWARD SILENCES. 

It will teach you how to gain the natural confidence! No artificial manifesting through learned strategies and faking it. I will teach you where to find it for real!

We continue with our course learning about how to End the date how to Master the Texting game after and some Follow-up dates basic rules.

We will also learn about the Body language of an Extrovert and an Introvert or a Combination of the two! ALL and much more in this course.

Don't forget. Everything is spiced up by Real interviews with our lovely ladies. They will tell you themselves what works on them! 

And as you know I myself study Social behaviour, Sociology and I am a big fan of Psychology and of course TANTRA!

What's the result? A course packed with PRACTICAL information. 

Don't miss out. Enrol now and I'll se you inside.