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Publisher : Emmanual Ali

Course Language : English

You are the Greatest Creative Force in the Universe.   

You are one with the omnipresent creator; you are life itself, the divine creation, the total reality. You are as you were created, complete, whole and perfect. In truth there is nothing you ever lack! You are always free to experience life as you choose. Deep within you know all this to be true.

 Why does love, happiness and life fulfillment seem so difficult to achieve?

It is because you have been conditioned by society to believe in the false illusions of fear, insecurity, and doubt. You have been taught that you are separated, unloved and incomplete. You believe life is full of problems and you must struggle for control. You have convinced yourself you must work like hell and do whatever it takes to get  ahead. Along with society you have created an infinite number of false concepts about yourself and the difficulties of life.

You have come to accept these illusions as truth.   

The reason you cannot seem to solve your own problems is because you are the one creating them. You are unknowingly creating your own unpleasant life experiences and robbing yourself of the joy and abundance of life you seek.

You have been given everything! 

It is your attachments to false beliefs of struggle, lack, and difficulty that prevent you from experiencing a greater and more abundance life. 

Life is much more giving than you believe it is.   

You live in a universe that has provided everything needed for your existence, expansion, growth, fulfillment, enjoyment and pleasure. You need not struggle for anything. This truth you will come to know as you begin to discover the power, greatness and magnificence of who you really are. 

Learn to transform your life to a new level of personal fulfillment.