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Speedmailing empty inbox training

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Publisher : Erwin Nelissen - Richard Wolfe

Course Language : English

Why Email workshops?

Email is known as the "killer application" of the last 15 years. Yet more and more organisations and managers are struggling with the impact of email on day-to-day work. When it comes to productivity, Email might as well be known as the "serial killer application". It has become our single most important business tool yet we pay little attention how to properly use, and not use, email. We believe this is a shame, as everyone spends increasing time on email and teaching yourself some basic principles can save you valuable hours every week.

Email Handyman specializes in short yet powerful workshops to make your use of email more effective. Consider the following achievable benefits:

- An empty inbox every single day.
- Have more control over your tasks and commitments.
- Being able to trust that you are not overlooking things.
- Have peace of mind so you can make better decisions and spend more time on important tasks.
- Be quicker (and thus spend less time) on email

We also have a book available which is called "Speedmailing: Turn your work enemy into your best work tool" by Richard Wolfe (Author).