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Explore and heal the deeper roots of your sexuality!

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Publisher : Bertold Ulsamer

Course Language : English

Explore and heal the roots of your sexuality!

Guided imaginaries help you to grow and blossom.

Your sexuality is a mirror of your being and it reflects your love, but also your tensions and wounds. This course gives you healing and nourishment. You discover and understand more about your sexuality through guided imaginaries. These inner pictures give you insights on a deeper level. They are like dreams with which your unconscious draws your attention to hidden territory. Three symbols lead you on this journey and stimulate your imagination. The starting point is a landscape that represents your sexuality - with its power places, resting points and secrets. Then you encounter your life force and animal side through the image of an animal. Finally, the image of a house or a human settlement will show you how the surrounding culture has shaped your sexuality. In a final exercise you will integrate the animal, the house and your heart.

May you continue your life journey refreshed and energized!