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Heart Hope Transformation

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Publisher : Heidi Sawyer - Chere Hughes

Price : $19

Course Language : English

Get clarity. Get confidence. Get your life back.

When it comes to talking about their inner life, many people are so close to it, they can’t put their worries into words or don’t know where to start.

Reaching the core depth of who you are so that you can be who you are and people will leave you alone with it, Heart Hope Transformation helps sensitive people begin to recover their inner beauty so they can help others find theirs. 

Is this you?

·         Do you feel everyone else’s stress travels around your body?

·         Do you feel permanently exhausted then have a burst of energy late at night?

·         Do other people regard you as ‘wise’ but you struggle to accept you have any wisdom?

·         Do you assume it’s your fault when things go wrong?

·         Do people count on you emotionally?

·         Do you wish you could find people who understand you like you understand them?

If so you’re not alone…

I know how you feel

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, exhausted and called "Too sensitive."


Since 1996 Heidi Sawyer has worked with more than 74,409 sensitive people from over 121 countries guiding their transformation. Heidi uses an integrated approach to help sensitive people overcome emotional wounds, using the power of the unconscious. 

Heidi’s courses have a thriving community. We are actively involved here answering your questions and responding to your comments within 24 hours.

Because Heidi is committed to her students’ growth, Heidi has Course Concierge, Chere Hughes to further support your experience, a longtime student and fellow intuitive sensitive with decades of experience in successful course development and facilitation.


For years, I too, struggled to make sense of why I wanted something deeper from life, when everyone else seemed fine with a surface meaning. I found myself surrounded by people but felt lonely, exhausted and doing everything to people please to avoid feeling pain.

I wanted to feel OK with my sensitivity, my weirdly spontaneous intuitive insights and feeling overwhelmed with emotions I often wondered whether they were my own or someone else’s.

All you need is a helping hand

I provide what I would have liked to have received, simple as that. When you’ve been hard-wired for hyper-vigilance, it’s happened since birth.

Life experience happens on top of it and you spend your life trying to manage overwhelm and the desire to recover whilst at the same time, feeling pressured to pretend all is ‘normal’.

I am a helping hand, helping you to navigate the sensitivities you were born with. They’re never going away, however much you wish them to. Best to transform who you are naturally, into your greatest asset.

Life can be different

This course is for Intuitive-Sensitive people looking to develop their inner world in a straight forward, how it is manner.

This course is designed for you:

·         Know exactly how to calm when you are in a state of stress

·         Understand where your sensitivity came from

·         Practice supporting your gift of sensitivity instead of pushing it down

·         Find out a Sensitive’s biggest fear and how to resolve it

·         Worry less what others think

·         Access your emotions with neutrality

·         Discover and practice how to cope with others insecurities without people pleasing

·         Feel more empowered engaging with others with Heidi’s real life examples on how to communicate from a position of authenticity

We'd love for you to join us on a journey to transformation that leads to a place of clarity, confidence, and calm where you can spread your wings as you feel safe and secure living your life from the perspective of within.

So, are you ready to discover more about your sensitivity and how it is your greatest asset? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in Heart Hope Transformation. Begin your journey today!


We are certain you will love how stress-free Heidi’s course is to integrate into your life. However, we offer Heidi’s 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied.


Who is Heidi Sawyer Group:

The Heidi Sawyer Group are worldwide leaders in helping Intuitive-Sensitive People

realise sensitivity is their greatest asset. We provide life training for Intuitive-Sensitive People who want to increase their inner awareness and solve emotional patterns of the past. We believe intuition is the heightened ability to see truth. To see truth, life must first be cleared of untruths, many of which are hidden in the unconscious. Since 1996 we’ve built our global business with 74,409 Intuitive-Sensitive People having connected with us.

Are you asking yourself if you are a sensitive? You wouldn’t have read this far if you we not. Join us, we look forward to seeing you in the course!


Who benefits from this course:

•        Do you experience anxiety or worry?

•        Are there things going on in your life that you’d like to find out how to change?

•        Have you even been called ‘too sensitive’ feeling like you don’t have a voice?

•        Do you feel other people’s emotions intensely?

•        Do you seem to know how others are doing or what their motivations are without being told?

•        Do you feel the environment you grew up in wasn’t quite right?

•        Have you sensed that there’s something more to life?

•        Do you want to think more clearly, connect with people in healthy ways and look forward to a bright future?