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Kickstart Clear Communication Skills

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Publisher : Arial Els van de Schoot

Course Language : English

Whenever misunderstandings occur in your relationships with others, this will decrease your connectedness and the amount of love that is there. If you want to really know each other, and make the relationship work, clear communications kills will be needed. In this course you can learn to communicate more clearly.

You can use these clear communication skills to improve your:

  • friendships
  • intimate love relationships
  • dates / dating
  • family relationships / marriage
  • professions collegeau relationships at work

The communication skills that we'll cover in this course to help you kickstart clear communication in your relationships are:

  • To show what's inside of you
  • To keep talking in situations where before you would close your mouth (and heart!)
  • To communicate your feelings
  • To communicate your desires
  • To communicate your no's
  • To communicate your triggers
  • Being a team with the person you're communicating with

This course contains 7 lectures, a few simple exercises you can do with a friend or partner, and a reflection exercise to help you implement the relationship advice in your actual relationships.

If you're looking for any support, you can ask your questions in the Q&A. For in-depth coaching, please visit my personal website to read more about that possibility.