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Let's Talk Homeschooling (pros and cons) From a Homeschooler

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Publisher : Chris Ahl

Course Language : English

In this udemy course will be talking about homeschooling.

I myself was both public schooled and home-schooled and have had many brothers and sisters that were just public schooled and some that were just homeschooled.

Will be talking about the lifestyle of homeschooling and talking about the myths that come along with it.

I'm excited about this course that you guys recommended. This is my 18th udemy course so feel free to check out our other courses on this platform.

Homeschool has changed a lot since I was in it. I graduated in 2007 but still have a brother who is still being home-schooled.

Homeschooling as a very in-depth topic but I'm going to try to sum it up for you in a half hour.

My personal opinion is homeschooling isn't for everybody and each kid is different. Public schooling works well for most of my brothers and sisters but homeschooling work better for me and a few of my brothers.

Definitely do your own research on this topic as there is lots of different ways to go about homeschooling your kid.