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A Compact Guide to Building Habits That Stick

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Publisher : Nick Kenens - The Mastermind University

Course Language : English

One of Udemy's Most Essential Courses on Understanding The Human Psychology Behind Habits

After over 3 years of studying human psychology, this course had to be made in order for people to grasp the impact of habits and how they can take conscious control over them.

This course will teach you the foundational human psychology behind building strong new habits & destroying bad habits.

Whether you want to be a successful student, a top performing professional, or simply embarking on a new hobby, you are going to come into contact with the art of building new habits. In fact, almost 90% of all the decisions we make and thought processes that happen in our brain come from habits. We've all experienced the frustration of bad habits such as binge eating, bad reading habits and so much more...

Anyone can develop Successful Habits!

This course is about improving your ability to learn new habits quickly and effectively. We go far beyond the kinds of "habit building" (or success guru teachings) you may have been exposed to, diving into the actual cognitive and neurological factors that make building essential habits easier and more successful.

You'll learn how to build new habits in a whole new way - a faster, better way

The core of this Habit Building course involves 3 "Building Blocks":

  • Understanding the Habit Loop and how to take conscious control over each phase of the loop
  • Understanding the power of Pain & Pleasure and how it drives us to make decisions that impact our lives
  • Understanding how to implement micro changes to speed up the process and neural adaptation of our brain when it comes to building new habits

How this new course will change your life and make you successful in building habits:

The sad irony is that in order to learn most of these habit building skills and psychological know-how in the past, you had to read dozens of books and psychology journals. Or, you had to hire an expensive private tutor who specializes in human psychology...

What is the target audience?

  • Ideal for people that want to become successful in everything they set their mind to
  • Anyone who has ever wished they could build new habits more efficiently
  • People who are curious to find out what drives human beings
  • Anyone who wants to become a top performer