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Immature parents - who are they?

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Publisher : Anna Fadeeva-Feigenbaum

Course Language : English

It’s your mom’s or dad’s birthday and that means a trip to the hospitable parental home is just around the corner. This is what children who grew up in happy families think where there was no emotional or physical abuse.

But children who have been exposed to toxic relationships by their parents such trips seem exhausting. What can I say, even a phone call with one of the parents can be a torture. Every one of us is imperfect. No parent does everything right. Yet, there’s a difference between a mature parent and an emotionally immature parent.

In this course we will talk about who immature parents are and how they influence on kids.

If you feel that while you were a kid

  • You got too much responsibilities
  • You never were “enough” or “good” for your parent(s)
  • You were not a center of attention even on your birthdays
  • You had to pretend you were someone else but not yourself
  • You felt threatened by one of your parents
  • The words guild and shame were in your lexicon more often than love and respect

You should take this course

  • if your parents were immature and you want to know how to deal with them 
  • if you are immature as a parent and want to know how to fix it