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Relax Away Your Stress

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Publisher : Richard Blonna

Course Language : English

If you suffer from runaway mind, tense muscles, and nervous energy that keeps you up at night , this is the course for you. In this five session (including the Welcome Session) course you will learn how to lead with your mind to relax your body.

  • In Session One you will discover what true relaxation is by using Diaphragmatic Breathing, a simple technique that you will learn in 5 minutes.

  • In Session Two you will uses a simple focal point, your breath, to discover Breath Meditation, a powerful technique that will relax and center your mind and body.

  • In Session Three you discover Visualization, a technique that uses the power of your mind to accept relaxing images and put your body into a deeply relaxed state.

  • In Session Four you will learn how to warm and relax your muscles using Autogenic Training.

I've supplemented this course with four professionally-recorded audio files taken from my best selling iTunes album, Seven Weeks to Conquering Your Stress. They will instantly help you relax.