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Stand Against Violence - Street Safety for Young Adults.

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Publisher : Peter Urey

Course Language : English

Half the proceeds of course sales are donated to the Charity Stand Against Violence.

Teachers, Parents, Teens and Young Adults need to know the facts about street violence. Ideal for PSHE lessons.

Contains graphic images of a violent attack.

The media focus on knives and guns but the research proves that:

85% of injuries come from punches, kicks and head-butts.
50% of incidents occur within 50 metres of licensed premises.
Victims are selected on weakness in their body language.

In this course you will learn how to:

- protect against head injury
- project a confident profile on the street
- talk about how alcohol changes some people

We back up all our material with research from experts including the University of Wales, Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, the Sorensen Self-Esteem Test and the self defence skills of a leading martial artist.

We also take a look at dealing with knives and assault on females (which usually takes place at home and by friends) but these skills do require expert assistance.

This course will give you peace of mind knowing you did your best to keep informed and safe. The course summary is FREE to view.