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Create a more beautiful life

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Publisher : Carly Ko

Course Language : English

  • Can you say "Yes ! I love my life !"  ?

  • Do you feel fulfilled in your relationship, career, location, and in other areas of your life ?

  • Do you feel like you are living the life that reflects the unique amazing being that you are ?

If you answered no to any of these questions, this course will help you reorient your path to being the person you were meant to be.

If you are not truly living, then you are just dying. We will all die one day, but if you are not living life to it's greatest capacity, a part of you dies.

A saying I love is "Don't die with your music still in you." meaning, if you haven't metaphorically played your unique music for the world to hear, you deprive the world of what only you can offer.

When we play our own song, it vibrates in our whole being, it is ecstatic, it is joyful, it feels utterly alive.

This is what I have always tried to stay true to, what makes me feel alive and vibrant.

You can listen to hundreds of talks and conferences about changing your life, but until the theories are truly felt in an emotional and kinaesthetic way, you will not truly integrate them.

In this course, we will use a somatic mind body technique and emotional intelligence exercises to help you connect to your inner wisdom and guidance. Through visualisations, kinaesthetic exercises you will learn to read your bodies signals to help you understand what feels alive for you. You will learn how to manifest anything into your life and how to become who you want to be vibrationally and then manifest it into your life.

The videos are filmed in various nature settings, to give you a sense of beauty and introspection while broadening your cerebral prospectives for change.

You will also learn to define what it is you want and don't want, create a mind map and a step by step goal setting process to successfully create the life you were made for.

Life is short. What are you waiting for to truly start living ?

Who am I ?

I am Carly Ko, amongst other things I am a somatic movement and expressive arts therapist, life coach, massage therapist, yoga teacher, actress, model, world traveller and mother.

My journey to you :

From a young age I began my search for meaning and connection.

From an abused childhood, being chronically shy, and a complete lack of self confidence. I began the process of knowing myself, gaining confidence, finding my connection, and exploring the world.

I spent over 20 years travelling between Europe and other countries, delving into street performing, modelling, acting, circus, meditation, yoga, dance, shamanism, somatic movement therapy, singing, massage and energetic techniques.

Deep self exploration and healing helped me begin to love who I am and in turn acquire deep empathy and connection with others as I recognized parts of myself in everyone.

My 9 year old son has also been my great teacher.

I have made many steps off frightening cliffs not knowing where I'll land, but with deep trust in my inner wisdom and guidance, I have always been carried.

After 20 years in Europe, I have come back to the place of my childhood, the USA.

I am currently living between Bordeaux, France and Bolinas, California where the nature makes me smile every day I wake up.

I have lived an incredible life and am continuously transforming and living amazing experiences. The only parts of my life I regret are the ones where I didn't follow my inner truth.

I know better now, but I am always learning.

It has been a challenging road to stay true to my aliveness, I spent my whole life experimenting and delving into the darkest areas of myself to find the light within.

My goal now is to help you speed up that process. I want you to live your truth, because if more people like you lived their truth, then the world would be a much more beautiful place.

The difficulties I have faced and come through have been a gift to help me be able to gift this process to you.

I want you to live your most fulfilling life, do you ?