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Publisher : Jose Rene Pineda Hernandez - Azucena Cortez - Keiry Lopez - Karla González - Jeany Argueta - Estefany Selene de la Cruz - Ana Cordova

Course Language : English

  • Hello and welcome to this course. It is a great pleasure for us to be your instructors. We hope that many new and new things, especially, that you have a lot of fun. In this course, the information with the students about the answers to the holidays in El Salvador. The instructors explain about the tourist sites of El Salvador, the means of transport, the means of communication and the costs in terms of mobilization towards the tourist centers; also about the expenses that during your vacations; In the same way, you can learn to make a reservation at a hotel; Also, to know how to give instructions over time in a polite manner. I also acquired knowledge and grammar, thanks to join our course, invite your friends to join as well.