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Get Back To Love (Venus retrograde) FREE mini-version

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Publisher : Yasmin Boland

Course Language : English

Is your love life feeling upside down? Are things hard with a friend or maybe even more than one friend?

If you're starting to realise how much you do (or don't!) value someone, you're feeling a rare reverse cycle of the planet of love, Venus, which in 2018 runs from early October to mid-November.

This cycle gives us a chance to remember what really matters to us and to make changes to our lives accordingly. Events which take place prompt us to ask ourselves questions about who our friends really are, we may start to turn our minds to the past and think about love we lost. 

I have created this three part mini course for anyone who would like to know the very basics of the Venus retrograde cycle and how to work with it.

Inside You'll Learn:

> Why Venus retrograde is excellent for making up with an old friend or an old lover

> Why Venus retrograde is such an emotional time and how to work with it!

> You will hear a story about what happened to me while I was recording the Venus retrograde course which will how you how it all works

> You'll also get a chance to purchase my full 20-part 2017 Venus retrograde Udemy course at 25% discount!