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Photoshop - Complete Photoshop Mastery Course for Beginners

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Publisher : Steve McDonald

Course Language : English

Welcome to Photoshop CC Basic for Beginner where you'll learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop in a fun, hands-on way. This course is designed to teach you the most important Photoshop basics without the frustration or

If you are brand new to Photoshop or have tried to learn Photoshop and struggled with it, this course is for you. The course starts very slowly and easily at the very beginning with opening an image in Photoshop. It moves forward in an easy-to-follow, logical way that I promise you'll enjoy.

First, we get familiar with the Photoshop program and interface. We learn to open and save images, where the most frequently used tools are located.

Second, we start using the most important tools, like the move tool, crop tool, brush tool, and clone stamp tool. We also learn how to use layers so that we can work non-destructively on our photos.

Finally, we do some hands-on projects in Photoshop. We whiten a subjects teeth, we crop an image bigger to make it look better and so it can be used as a social media profile picture.

When you are finished with this course, you'll feel confident using the program and exploring the many tools and options that it offers. You'll be able to do valuable work in Photoshop, skills and tools that you can use in the real world on everyday projects.

This course is fun and easy to follow and there is no pressure. You just watch the videos, follow along on your own version of Photoshop for practice, and start editing photographs.