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Embedded Systems using the ARM Mbed Platform

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Publisher : Dr. Jonathan Joshi

Course Length : 4.5 hours

Course Language : English


This course teaches and walks through the implementation of various interfaces with the ARM mbed platform. The mbed development platform is the fastest way to create products based on ARM microcontrollers. The project is being developed by ARM, its Partners and the contributions of the global mbed Developer Community.

The course is divided into six sections (17 lectures) with each section discussing the theory, programming and lab of each interface. The interfaces taught in this course are

1. LEDs

2. Seven Segment Displays

3. Character LCD (16 x 2)

4. Matrix Keypad

5. Analog Inputs

6. Serial Communication

Candidates who take this course can gain a skill set with which they can design electronic platforms for industry as well as for their personal hobby.

For this course You will need a hardware mbed board called the Freedom KL25Z board from Freescale Semiconductors. You can get more information about the board from

https://mbed dot org/handbook/mbed-FRDM-KL25Z

there are links to purchase the board as well. If you have doubts about ordering the hardware send an email to

Who is the target audience?
  • Hobbyists with a background in electronics
  • Undergraduate students in Electrical/Electronics/Electronics and Telecommunication/Computer Engineering
  • Graduate students in Electrical/Electronics/Electronics and Telecommunication/Computer Engineering
  • Working professionals in the electronics industry
  • Fundamental knowledge of logic and a knowing what is programming
  • A Freescale Freedom KL25Z ARM mbed board (optional for best results)
  • LED, LCD, Seven Segment Displays, Potentiometer (optional for best results)
  • PC with windows (preferred) or linux