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SEO SECRETS: Broken Link Strategies

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Publisher : ivan so

Course Language : English

This course is going to introduce a broken link strategies to you in order to have a better SEO value for your website.

1st Broken Link Strategy of SEO SECRETS will show you how to check your website to ensure you do not have any broken link.

Any broken link in your website will hurt your SEO.

2nd Broken Link Strategy of SEO SECRETS involves number of ways to implement.

Basically, you discover competitors backlink and build relationship with them.

Then, do them a favour for checking any broken link at that website in exchange of backlink.

So, you will earn traffic as well as SEO benefit by this broken link strategy.

3rd Broken Link Strategy of SEO SECRETS is about expired domain.

I'll show you how to judge those domain rating and backlink. So you use this broken link strategy to gain the SEO & bring free traffic to your website.

What you need to complete this course?

you will need a internet accessible computer with chrome browser.

then i’ll Show you step by step how to use chrome extension for one of my strategy