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Shopify SEO Simplified, Powerful Outcomes For Non-Techies

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Publisher : Jason Miles - Kyle Hamar - Andy Allen

Course Language : English


Overview: E-commerce sellers need to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices and techniques. This course provides that information - in an easy to understand, methodical, approach. It's created for beginners in mind - and asks you to do simple steps that anyone can accomplish. Plus - we've made it completely free!

Who Is This Course For: We've created the course with Shopify store owners in mind, but we also touch on other things include Amazon Product SEO.

What You'll Get: Here is the basic outline of the course:

  1. Introduction To The Topic & Tools

  2. Setting Up Your SEO Resources

  3. SEO Strategy 101

  4. Collection Page Optimization (For Shopify Sellers)

  5. Product Page Optimization

  6. E-commerce Blog Optimization

  7. Advanced SEO Strategies & Tips

We've tried to make this as simple as we can - and we hope you get a lot of value & benefit from it. Our goal is to help you grow your website traffic through Google Organic Search Results Page outcomes - and of course - increase your sales too.