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Instagram Guide 2017:From Beginner To Expert

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Publisher : Haris Riaz

Course Language : English

This course is a Complete Guide of Instagram from the very start of Instagram to becoming a Professional  instagrammer that earns money.

  • This course will enable you to learn about:

1- Making Instagram account(personal & business).

  • Customization of your Bio that includes:


ii-Use Of Keywords,

iii-Slogans and CTA (call to action line) for both your Personal and Business profile.

2-Linked Accounts:

  • How to link your Instagram account with other social networks.
  • Importance of linked accounts.


  • Content that will get you great followers and make you popular among Instagram users.
  • Types of content.
  • How to post the content.
  • Content related to your business and the ratio of posting it on Instagram.
  • How to generate great content from different apps.
  • How to share your content on your linked accounts.

4-Getting Followers:

  • How to get non-stop followers on both your personal and business profile.
  • How you can get business leads from the followers.


  • Importance of hashtags.
  • Use of hashtags and how to find your niche using hashtags.

6-Engagement & Marketing:

  • How to engage your followers.
  • Rules of engagement.
  • How to use them for marketing.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Growing your business through engaging activities.
  • How to capture leads.
  • Topic  discussion about your products for better marketing.

7-Hiring and Earning:

  • Building a relationship with your followers.
  • Motivation for marketing.
  • How to start hiring people that will work and market for you through Instagram.
  • How to start making money from Instagram.