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SQL2: JAVA, SQL, and SQLite

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Publisher : Randall Nagy

Course Length : 3 hours

Course Language : English


This training opportunity was designed for Java software developers who have a basic understand of SQL. We recommend that each student take the time to complete our free training on installing & using SQLite, known as "SQL1"

Presented as the second part of a three (3) part series, this session (SQL2) revisits the database, table, and SQL statements covered in the first module (SQL1.) Expanding those standard tools and concepts for use under Java / JDBC, this SQL2 training offers students an evolutionary and practical approach to reinforcing the professional concepts about what databases are all about, as well as how to use SQL and SQLite in a modern workflow / real-world problem domain.

After completing this training, students wishing to know more about advanced SQL operations, as well as how to reliably manage SQLite database relationships, are encouraged to complete SQL3.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who have completed SP1, or have equivalent experience.
  • We assume that you have installed SQLite into C:\SQLite as presented in SP1.