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MS Word Power Shortcuts To Finish Projects in Less Time

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Publisher : Ugur Akinci, Ph.D.

Course Language : English

*************** RECENT UPDATES

April 30, 2018

WEEKLY UPDATE: "How to Use the Research Taskbar of MS Word"  (for enrolled students only)

April 24, 2018

Updated all the videos including:

  • Some Commonly Used Shortcuts
  • Selecting and Moving Shortcuts
  • Subscript and Superscript Shortcuts
  • Paragraph Shortcuts
  • Paragraph Formatting Shortcuts
  • Hyperlink Shortcuts
  • F-Key Power Shortcuts
  • Ribbon Shortcuts
  • Field Shortcuts
  • Table Shortcuts


Technology works only if we have the right training and preparation. Learn the MS Word shortcuts and hot-keys quickly to increase your productivity. Do your work faster by selecting, moving, and manipulating text and images faster, thanks to the combination of hot-key moves explained in these videos.

Learn easy shortcut techniques like

  • How to format paragraphs with power keystrokes
  • How to change capitalization easily on-the-fly
  • How to apply super- and sub-script in a split second
  • How to use F-key shortcuts for super effects
  • How to insert most-frequently used Word Fields with simple keystrokes
  • How to move rows up and down in a Word table
  • And more...

Watch your MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALIST WORD EXPERT instructor use these shortcuts in real-time and then repeat the moves until they become second-nature.

These are obviously not all the shortcuts available in Microsoft Word 2010 but the ones your instructor, a Fortune 100 technical writer, uses on a daily basis. More videos will be added in the future to cover more techniques.

What did they say about this course....

  • "Wow, I've used Word for 15+ years and I learned so much from this course. I think everyone should take this course, even if it is just as a refresher."

-- Darlene Almquist

  • "I learnt some of these shortcuts as an editor at a market research firm. But these are way more comprehensive and useful than those. I did have my share of 'Ooh' and 'Aha' moments! If you regularly use Word for creating documents, this course in keyboard shortcuts will boost your efficiency tenfold."

-- Nikhil Khandekar

  • "To be honest, I didn't know the shortcuts at all before taking this course. Now I know. :)"

-- Chocolate Lu

SUPPLEMENTARY PDFs: Most lectures have downloadable PDFs listing the shortcuts described in the videos. Click the second-from-left button (with down arrow on it) on the upper-right corner of the lecture screen to access these PDF document.

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