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Crazy Persuasion Practices !!

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Publisher : Aman Varma

Price : $115

Course Length : 2.5 hours

Course Language : English


Don't you want to get a guranteed yes to every request you make?

To increase your convincing power and social value use the subcommunication tricks that I have shared in the course.

You'll magically and effortlessly be able to influence people and make them follow your lead.

If you want to be a leader without having much skills you can use these 28 persuasion subcommunication techniques.

Who is the target audience?
  • Salesman wanting to increase convincing and persuasion
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to become more influential
  • Team leaders wanting to regulate members behaviours
  • Psychologists wanting to apply their knowledge in field
  • Businessmen wanting to crack bigger deals
  • Men wanting to be more dominant
  • People wanting to improve their social life
  • People wanting to increase their social value and literacy
  • People wanting to increase communication skills