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BLUE: a symposium exploring aspects of life in ancient Egypt

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Publisher : Joyce Tyldesley

Course Language : English

    The world has always been a colourful place. But do we see the colours of our modern world in exactly the same way that the people of ancient Egypt saw the colours of their land? This course will help you to consider how the ancients viewed their world by introducing you to a remarkable, vibrant time and place: a place where the sea was not blue, but green.

    See the Ancient World Through Different Eyes

    ·Learn how the ancient Egyptians regarded the colours blue, green and “grue”

    ·Examine the technology of ancient glass making

    ·Explore aspects of ancient art and sculpture

    · "Meet” some ancient Egyptian letter-writers

    Contents and Overview

    This course takes the form of a symposium which presents a series of lectures given by world-renowned Egyptologists.

    Dr Steven Snape - University of Liverpool

    Professor Paul Nicholson - Cardiff University

    Dr Campbell Price - Curator of Egypt and Sudan at the Manchester Museum

    Dr Glenn Godenho - Lecturer in Egyptology at the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester

    Each lecturer reflects on an aspect of the colour "blue" which has inspired them in their work. The different experts take very different approaches to their subject, yet together their work forms an expert guide to aspects of the art, archaeology, language and technology of the dynastic age. It forms a scholarly yet accessible introduction to the different, and very colourful, world of the pharaohs.

    The course consists of five lectures plus additional information. It will take between four and five hours to complete. By the end of the course you will have acquired a valuable understanding and appreciation of Egypt’s dynastic age.