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Breakthrough Research Discoveries & Laws of Human Nature

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Publisher : Kate Bazilevsky

Course Language : English

Empower yourself with knowledge about the Laws of Human Nature. All information provided is based on proven scientific research based on the discovery of the ancient source of knowledge of human nature--Shan Hai Jing. Knowledge about the Laws of Human Nature guarantees advantage in any environment and survival of the fittest.

You do not know anything about the world and about your selves because you were ordered to believe. You do not know how to think, analyze, and all your "thoughts" are just a walk to the internal "cinema," where you will be told and shown how to live and what to be. And, you will have nothing left other than to do that, what your "inner voice" told you, and reinforced with corresponding sensations.

Students will learn scientific facts about human beings, images of human psyche, gender relations, how men fully control women, why you are a zombie, what artificial software and natural human software are, and much more.