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Electronic Devices (Operational-Amplifier) - Indonesian Ver.

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Publisher : Bina Nusantara University

Course Language : Indonesian

This course discusses how Operational-Amplifier (Op-Amp) works and its applications in electronic circuits. The course materials are Introduction to Op-Amp, Basics Op-Amp Circuits, and Applications of Op-Amp Circuits. The materials are delivered in video presentation and the total duration for finishing all materials is about two hours. On successful completion of this course, student will be able to explain the characteristics, operations, and applications of Op-Amp. This course have 10 module

  1. Op-Amp Input Modes & Parameters
  2. Negative Feedback
  3. Summing and Differential Amplifier
  4. Integrator and Differentiator
  5. Comparator
  6. Special-Purpose OP-AMP Circuits I
  7. Special-Purpose OP-AMP Circuits II
  8. Active Filters : Low Pass Filter (LPF) & High Pass Filter (HPF)
  9. Active Filters : Band Pass Filter (BPF) & Band Stop Filter (BSF)
  10. Voltage Regulators