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Fairy Tales: A Quick and Unique Guide to Successful Reading

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Publisher : Josh Withrow

Course Language : English

"I learned a lot in this course about looking deeper into fairy tales; looking for symbolic meanings. Josh Withrow presented in a way that kept me engaged and interested in learning. The quality of the lecture was great. I highly recommend this lecture to all beginning writers, as well as established writers looking to add a little fun into their stories." --Willow55

Enjoy a richer experience while reading some of the best stories ever written, and benefit from reading stories that have been around for hundreds and thousands of years! 

If you are a: 

  • Parent
  • Grandparent
  • Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Someone who really enjoys fairy tales
  • Someone who wants to know more about fairy tales

Then this class is for you! 

Sometimes I hear people say:

  • "Fairy tales are just for kids"
  • "Fairy tales are simple stories without a lot of meaning"
  • "Fairy tales are just sappy stories made famous by Disney"

Unfortunately, these people are woefully mistaken. 

Regardless of your current opinion about fairy tales, this class will give you a deeper appreciation for some of the world's most popular and endearing stories. 

In this class you will appreciate fairy tales more through:

  • Explanations for 8 Well-known Fairy Tales
  • Engaging Thematic Videos
  • Thematic & Personal Questions to Consider
  • Downloadable Story Text & Audio
  • A New Perspective on Fairy Tales & Storytelling
  • A Veteran Teacher’s Classroom Experience
  • A Teacher Willing to Engage with Students 

Allow my years of classroom teaching and experience to guide you!

You don't need a degree to enjoy the fairy tales -- but sometimes a little guidance goes a long way.