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Microeconomics - 1: Finding Demand

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Publisher : Amit Goyal

Course Language : English

In this course, you will learn about modelling consumer behavior. You will learn how to create a simple model of consumer who wishes to choose the best affordable consumption plan. This course introduces a unique graphical approach for solving the optimization problems. The methods that you will learn in this course are useful for developing an understanding of how to create simple models in Economics.

Course is drawn from the lectures on problem solving approach that I have been teaching to undergraduate Economics students in Delhi for the past 10 years. This course is meant for students who are interested in learning key ideas in Microeconomics through a problem solving approach. No prior knowledge of Microeconomics is needed, but the student must possess liking for Mathematics and have an interest in problem solving. It is recommended that the student should have good exposure to calculus (as is typically covered in high school). Student must be comfortable with algebraic and functional notation for variables, sets, and functions.

Course consists of mostly videos and small quizzes to test your understanding of the content taught in videos.

Topics: Demand Function, Hicksian Demand, Substitution Effect, Income Effect.

Enjoy learning.