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Math Explained Easy 1 - Order of Operations, what first?

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Publisher : Antonie van Voorden

Course Language : English

Welcome to the Math Explained Easy - Order of Operations course. - The most important fundamental of Math

The problems with the Order of Operations is that everyone has learned them once. Only it is so easy to forget. Especially when you're focussed on a difficult math problem and meanwhile you have to focus on the order too.

This course is designed to tackle that problem. Within the first video the order of operations are shortly explained. Afterwards examples are given so you will remember it. Afterwards I created a bunch of exercises for you which you have to practise to keep remembering those rules. 

Then we go even deeper within the subject matter, more examples are given and more practise material is delivered for you. 

Is there something you don't understand? I created nice explanation videos in which every question is completely explained. Do you still have questions. You can always reach me, if you have them other students do too so than I can even improve my course material :)

That's it! Happy Math!