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Analysis of Everyday Things.

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Publisher : Brian Dickinson

Course Length : 1 hour

Course Language : English


This introductory course gives the student an understanding of how we should separate Analysis from Design issues. It does this by looking at the many things that are simply perpetuated from old designs and taking a humorous look at where those old designs originated.

The course uses pictures, graphics, both static and animated, with voice-over to show the various real world examples of the perpetuation of old designs. It does this by progressing through basic examples in everyone's regular life to business issues that restrict us as customers.

There is no support material needed for this course.

The course video is approximately one hour in duration.

The student will see the importance of applying analysis concepts to every new invention or system be it a manual task or a computer business system.

There are no exercises or questionnaires to complete.

Who is the target audience?
  • The course video is aimed at a general audience as it aims to educate anyone who is a "Customer". However it will be most beneficial to those who intend to become or who are Business Analysts or those who are requestors of business systems.
  • As it is a video the only requirement is a device on which to play the video with software that plays the MP4 format.